All Saints' School

Welcome to
All Saints' School

All saints’ Bulandshahr is proud to offer students from various communities of India the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful and sensitive young people who are prepared for future challenges.

We take special care of the economically and socially weaker sections of the society through inclusive education and through outreach program.

A good school for your child

All Saints' School provides excellent education in English language. With attention to individual learning needs in a safe and tight-knit community.

Our School is an established name in India. As the largest English language school we have been providing excellent education.
School with a close community
Both parents and children experience our school in India as being open as well-organized. Our international school is a safe and trusted place for your children. Each group has its own permanent teacher. We are a close community school. This help your child to integrate quickly.
Education in English
As an Indian school with an international dimension, we create an optimal learning environment with a homely feeling. Our school offers a child-friendly and safe environment where your child will be challenged to learn in a purposeful manner and work together with others.

Retaining English as a first language is important for your child’s development. A great deal of attention is focused on this subject.
Individual attention
Our experienced team provides a thorough education, adapted to meet individual needs and will help your child to fulfill their potential. We pay attention to the different learning needs and talents of each of our pupils, both in the group and during lessons.